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Lampwork beadmaking is a delicate mix of two things I have always loved:  tiny objects and colored glass.  I collected tiny toys to play with as a child... "locket dolls," buttons, bouncey balls, pebbles, anything I could get my hands on that was interesting and small.  I  loved marbles.   I would hold them up to the sunlight and observe the way surprising way light transformed them.  There was something that drew me to glass... maybe it was the way light seemed to move and play through glass and change the appearance of the glass... it  fascinated me.  In my late teenage years, I learned to create stained glass and immediately loved working with glass as an art medium!  Years after learning stained glass, I then wanted to move to fused glass and glass blowing.  I loved creating art objects with glass!  During a glass blowing session, a friend came by, fired up a torch and made a few glass beads.  I couldn't wait to try that!  When I made my first lampwork bead, I knew I had found the method of glass art that was "me."  I've been hooked since then!  Today, I enjoy incorporating organic and mineral matter, as well as enamels  into glass to create unique lampwork beads with an increasing complexity, as my skill grows.  I love creating "earthy," organic beads that reflect my moods and thoughts and recalls the terrain of places traveled.  Sometimes, the beads come out of the kiln in eclectic shapes, sometimes in classical shapes, and sometimes they even come out shaped like little funky cats! I am continually working on new styles of beads and get a great deal of personal satisfaction in discovering a new style or color reaction when I work.  I also love to teach and help other people discover the joy of beadmaking!  I attend a limited number of shows per year,  so if you see me out and about, please stop by!  I would love to meet you!